Phased array

What are Phased Arrays?

Phased-array technology is the ability to modify electronically the acoustic probe characteristics. Probe modifications are performed by introducing time shifts in the signals sent to (pulse) and received from (echo) individual elements of an array probe. Any UT technique for flaw detection and sizing can be applied using phased-array probes.

Why Phased Array?

  • High speed electronic scanning without moving parts
  • Improved inspection capabilities through software control of beam characteristics
  • Inspection with multiple angles with single, electronically controlled probe
  • Many configuration: P/E, T/R, TOFD, Tandem
  • Greater flexibility for inspection of complex geometries
  • Optimized focusing
  • Optimized beam angle
GEKKO is the first phased array system able to drive matrix arrays and real-time custom Total Focusing Methods (TFM). GEKKO also handles most UT inspection techniques, and benefits from the latest CIVA features natively implemented.

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